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10 Ways the American Hustle Culture is Ruining Lives

The world today seems to be operating on the mantra, “work hard or go home,” as if going home is such a terrible thing. The pervasive culture of constant activity, often referred to as hustling, is gradually taking a toll on individuals, particularly their mental health.

While diligence is admirable, pushing oneself to the brink of exhaustion is not. Here’s a look at how the relentless hustle culture may detrimentally impact your life.

1. Equating Not Hustling To Laziness

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If you’re not working two jobs, running a successful side hustle, and only sleeping four hours a day (if you’re lucky), you’re considered lazy. Today’s world seems to congratulate anyone who has only time for working and look down on anyone who has any semblance of free time.

2. Making Activity Look Like Productivity

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Lots of activity at work and in life isn’t all bad, but activity doesn’t always translate to productivity. The hustle culture says, “Keep moving,” even when the moving is like a rocking chair.

A lot can be achieved in stillness and calm, concentrated activity, even when there seems to be little physical activity.

3. Busy Means Important

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The hustle culture says if you’re very busy and barely have time for anything or anyone but the hustle, then you’re an important person.

This is not only false but detrimental to a person’s overall health. It’s the perfect recipe for burnout and struggling relationships.

4. It Glorifes Workaholism

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When all people care about is hustling, it produces workaholics with an irresistible urge and unmanageable necessity to work ceaselessly.

5. It Can Lead to Other Addictions

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Workaholism in itself is an addiction, and many people end up getting hooked on more dangerous substances to cope with the demands of the hustle.

6. Not Hustling Isn’t Always an Option

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Glorifying the hustle may seem like a good thing for some people, but many others do not have the option not to hustle.

This may leave the people at the bottom, who actually have to hustle to survive, feeling even worse about their economic situation with no end in sight for a breather.

7. It May Be A Mask for Past Failures

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The work till you drop culture sometimes signifies people running away from past failures, and they can’t imagine going back there again.

This may not be a proper drive for working and doesn’t have an end in sight.

8. It Ruins People’s Esteem

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Those who may not want to join the hustle culture may end up missing opportunities as they’re viewed as non-team players, and this damages their esteem.

Some may join the grind to feel a part of the culture, even when they don’t like it.

9. The Hustle Culture is Toxic

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We need to detoxify our minds and hearts from all that we encounter in our daily lives, but if we’re always hustling, there will be no time for anything else.

People need to step away from the bustles of life and pursue other interests, take a walk, or journal to clear their heads.

10. It May Lead to the Pursuit of The Wrong Things

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All the hustling leaves little time to think about what we’re giving our time to and what should be discarded.

It’s imperative that you figure out why you’re pursuing the things you’re working on, and slowing down helps you focus.

Make going home and resting a wonderful thing, and the payment for a long day of hard work, not a punishment for not pushing a little harder.

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