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Adolf Hitler facts: Legend with Dark Secrets

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Adolf Hitler was a famous German politician, leader of Nazi Party and unforgettable Legend, There are many Adolf Hitler facts that you probably didn’t heard.

The most important of all the Adolf Hitler facts is that he is the man with dual personalities, he was legend for some and cruel devil for others, these Adolf Hitler facts will lead you to produce your own thoughts about Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Biography

By occupation Hitler was a very famous dictator of Germany, born on April 20, 1889 and died as a leader of Germany on April 30, 1945, he ruled Germany for 12 years.

Hitler is remembered and very best known not because of his personality or achievements, He is remembered in the history just because of 2 things:

He always wanted to exterminate the Jewish in Holocaust. He started World War 2, which is the second thing for the World to keep Hitler alive in the history.

Interesting and Odd Adolf Hitler Facts

  • Do you know that Hitler’s lifelong dream was to become an artist? But he was rejected twice from the art school.
  • Adolf Hitler was announced as the Man of the year in 1938.
  • The bed time for him was around 4 or 5 in the morning.
  • Hitler loved to be kicked; He had videotapes of the torture of Jewish people for his own home-viewing pleasure.
  • He was afraid of blades; shaving was the exhibition of Hitler’s weakness.
  • Hitler was a vegetarian, and he also saw the future of Germany as vegetarian.
  • Hitler ate 2 pounds of chocolate each day, he also tried to kill Churchill by Chocolate Bomb.
  • Ernst Hanfstaengl told Hitler to get rid of his moustaches but he replied:

adolf Hitler Facts and bioIf it’s not the fashion now, it will be because I wear it.

Fun Facts
  • Hitler first fall in love with a Jewish girl, but due to lack of confidence he never spoke to her. Some facts justifies that he tried to commit a suicide for the sack of Love.
  • In the Modern History, Hitler was the first person who led first public anti-smoking campaign.
  • The life of Hitler was spared by a British soldier during World War 1. It is said that the soldier had a clear aim but he decided to spare Adolf Hitler.
  • Another funny fact about Hitler tells you that He only had one Testicle, reported he was injured in a battle.
  • Henry Ford was the greatest inspiration for Hitler.
  • In his childhood he wanted to become a Priest, because when he was 4 years old, he was saved by a priest from drowning.
  • He had terrible fear of cats.
  • Osama Bin Laden and Hitler were declared dead on 1st may.

Museum of Extinct Race

Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jews artifacts to build a Museum of Extinct Race after the war, He ordered the collection of 200,000 items which were photographed and cataloged and the collection was meant to serve as a trophy case.

Concentration Camp

One of the most interesting Adolf Hitler facts you probably aren’t aware of is, He never visited a concentration camp, in fact he was very careful about keeping a safe distance from all the dirty work.

He never wrote any orders about the killings ever existed. He gave the most sensitive orders exclusively and verbally.

The Most Weird Fact About Hitler

adolf hitler facts

There may be many weird facts about Adolf Hitler, but the most astonishing and  mind blowing facts about Hitler is that, He invented the Blow up Sex Dolls. German troops were getting more engaged with the French prostitutes, so to contract this, Hitler had a plan to introduce the type of dolls that could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.

This act of Hitler was declared rubbish by the world, but German soldiers really loved the idea.

Good Things That Hitler Did

He Alone, Who Owns The Youth, Gains The Future

  • Hitler demolished the unemployment from Germany, almost 6 million people were employed by Hitler.
  • Adolf Hitler factsIn 1940 annual cigarette consumption per person in Germany was 749, while Americans smoked over 30000 per person.
  • He wanted to gift all the Germans a car, so he invented a people’s car known as Volkswagen.He Alone, Who Owns The Youth, Gains The Future
  • He invented the Highway system we see today.
  • Hitler saved Million of animals from hunted by humans.
  • Adolf Hitler was also one of the nominees for the Noble Prize in Peace in 1939.


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