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20 facts about Chile

Chile is a marvelous country that placed between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Drawing more clearly picture of the county, you should be acknowledged with the historical and cultural facts that are fascinating.

  • Geographically, Chile borders with Bolivia, Argentina to the East and Peru in the North.
  • Volcanos, natural lakes, amazing forests are belong to Northern part of Chile.
  • People are believed that the first inhabitants of the country were the Native American more than 10, 000 years ago.
  • Michelle Bachelet Jeria is known as the first woman president who was elected in January 2006.
  • Chile is not the largest country in the world but it takes a half of Japan.
  • According to scientist’s prediction, the population of Chile is going to be more than 20.2 million people by 2050 year.
  • Almost 10 % of the population is indigenous people, but only a small half of them speak the native language, the most widely language is Spanish.

More than 840, 000 native citizens left the country, some of them are living in Argentina, others in Australia. Chile cannot be complete without football, it is considered the most popular sport activity, the second one is tennis and horse-riding as well. The country won 2 gold medals in tennis. In addition, Chile won 6 silver medals in boxing, shooting and athletics as well. The tourism sphere is rapidly growing. Since the latest data, it filled the budget around $US4.5 billion.

Chileans believe in God, and the main religion is Catholicism. The Atacama desert in Chile is the largest desert in the world. Lake Chungara is known as the highest lakes above sea level in the world. Vina del Mar is known as the hottest destination for tourists over the world. The Andes Mountains that placed in Chile are the largest one in the world and still have active volcanos.

The ring on the left hand means married person, while on the right hand has the meaning engaged. This fact is slightly different from others countries but amazing.
Family values play a vital role in Chilean culture and lifestyle.
Clothing and personal appearance are very important as it can show which class you belong to. So, while you are in Chile, you should be well-dressed in order to make good impressions on local people.

Generally speaking, Chileans are affectionate people and friendly but at some occasion; especially at business meeting they are conversant, strict, and formal.

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