15 facts about Putin probably you did not know

15 facts about Putin probably you did not know
Written by Thomas

1. Putin’s father Vladimir and mother Maria worked at the factory. But Putin’s grandfather was Lenin’s personal chef, and later one of Stalin’s cooks.

2. Putin has always dreamed of being a spy. And so he did a lot of sports. He became a master of sports in judo and sambo. His former trainer said that it was difficult to calculate Putin’s actions – he was a dangerous opponent.

Judo: Putin is master in Judo

3. Putin claims that from childhood he was fond of Kipling’s books, and at a more mature age he fell in love with the work of Mikhail Lermontov. In his youth, the future president loved books and films about spies. He liked Donatas Banionis in the movie Dead Season.

4. In his youth, Putin among other Leningrad athletes as a stunt was filmed at “Lenfilm” – in the war drama “Izhora Battalion” and the epic “Siege.”

5. Putin in 1985-1990 worked as a spy in Germany in the city of Dresden. Officially, he was listed there as the director of the House of Friendship of the USSR – the GDR. His youngest daughter was born in Germany.

Dresden Germany

6. In 1996, Putin lost his job, and as he himself said, he was seriously planning to start working as a taxi driver. However, he was invited to work in Moscow.

7. Once in Chechnya, the helicopter in which Putin was bombarded by terrorists.
Some Russian media say that at least 13 attempts were made on him while he is president.

8. Putin collects stamps and maps. The very first brand with his image appeared in North Korea. Postage stamps depicting the Russian leader were also issued in Azerbaijan.

Putin collects stamps

9. Now there is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But back in 2006, Ukraine issued a coin with a face value of 1 hryvnia (Ukrainian money) with an image of the Russian president.

10. In 2007, Time magazine named Putin the man of the year.

11. Vladimir Putin wears a watch on his right hand. Journalists noticed in the president’s collection a Swiss watch Patek Philippe costing about $60000.

12. The President of Russia owns at least 5 dogs: Labrador Koni, Karakachan dog Buffy, Akita Inu Yume, Turkmen Alabai Verny (Loyal) and Sharplanin Shepherd Dog Pasha.

Labrarod (not a Putin's Dog)

13. In 2019, Putin sank to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland at the bathyscaphe. The immersion depth was 50 meters. In 2015, to the bottom of the Black Sea (80 meters), and in 2009 to the bottom of Lake Baikal (depth 1400 meters).

14. In 2000, Putin flew to Chechnya on a Su-27 fighter as a second pilot. For a short time, the president flew the plane.

15. The President of Russia in 2013 divorced his wife Lyudmila. The marriage lasted about 30 years.

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