Harry Potter House Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Are You In?

This harry potter house quiz will check several aspects of your personality and then define which Hogwarts house do you belong in.

There are 4 different Hogwarts house:

  • Hufflepuff
  • Revenclaw
  • Slytherin
  • Gryfindor

Harry potter house quiz

All these house show different aspects of your personality. If you want to find out which Hogwarts house are you in. Then answer all the questions in this Harry potter house quiz with suitable options. And then see which Hogwarts house you belong.

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Harry Potter House Quiz Questions

Following are different harry potter quiz house questions. Answer all the questions, otherwise no result will occur.

Which magical creature would you choose?

Which Hogwarts class would you love to take?

Which of the following trait best describes you?

What ghost is your favorite?

What is your strength?

Which of the following element is your favorite?

Which of these is your favorite color?

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How Many Sides Does a Heptagon Have? – Heptagon Trivia

How many sides does a heptagon have? What is its area and what is the use of this shape in Maths? Check out this amazing list of Heptagon trivia.

What is Heptagon?

A Heptagon which is also known as Septagon is a type of Polygon having seven sides. Polygons are enclosed two-dimensional shapes with straight sides.

In general a lot of things are called shapes. We have circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and this could go on and on. But only certain shapes are Heptagons or we can say Polygons. Heptagons can take on various forms as long as they are enclosed in a loop.

Here is a list of trivia questions about heptagon, so you can learn more about this shape and can pass any simple quiz or test relating maths or heptagon.

How many sides does a Heptagon have?

How many sides does a heptagon have

  • A Heptagon is a 7 sided polygon.
How many Vertices and angles does a Heptagon have?
  • It also has seven vertices or corners where sides meet.
  • It has seven angles and the angles are always found at the vertices.
  • Every angle inside the heptagon is 57 degrees and the sum of all the angles give the equivalent interior angle of 900 degrees,
What is the Area of Heptagon?
  • If you multiply the length of any one side of heptagon with 3.63 then this will give you the area of a regular heptagon.

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How many Faces does a Heptagon have?
  • Heptagon has only one face.
What is Congruent Heptagon?
  • The regular heptagon is probably the most recognizable one. It’s called a regular heptagon because all side and angles are congruent (equal in size and shape).

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US Map Quiz: Test How Much You Know United States Map

Learn how much you know about US map by solving this interesting US map quiz. This quiz is all about US map and is to test your knowledge about United states.

Instructions to the US Map Quiz

In the following United States Map Quiz you will face two different levels, In Level one you will be asked about some place and you have to guess the correct location in given US map below each question.

In Level two you have to guess the name of location provided in the US Map. I hope you will enjoy this quiz, and you may also like Interesting Quiz about History and Science. For finding correct answers you must submit the quiz at the end of page 2, you can even left all the questions unmarked if you are only willing to know the answers, but if you are willing to test your knowledge then you should first answer all questions and then submit your US Map quiz by clicking on “submit” at the end of page 2.

Level 1

Which one of the following place is California?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is Ohio?

US map quiz

The name of place marked green in the following map is Nevada?

US map

Which one of the following side of US map is Canada?

US map quiz

Which of the following place is Montana?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is Louisiana?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is New Mexico?

US map quiz

The name of place marked green in the following map is New Jersey?

US map quiz

Page 1 out of 2

Note that you will be considered pass in this quiz only if you achieve minimum of 50% score.

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History Trivia Questions: The Forgotten Stories

History is the only witness for the legendary events of legends, these historical facts and history trivia questions witness the most extraordinary events happened in the past.

Test your knowledge about history by answering some of these interesting history trivia questions and learn something new and interesting about history and historical events.

Note: The correct results will be shown after the submission of all these answers, you can also leave all these history trivia questions blank and submit the report to find correct answers.  

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Test Your History Knowledge

In 1929 the soft drink 7-Up was invented by:
The first world cup for football was conducted in which country?
The teddy bear was named after:
The first President to live in White House was:
The longest war in the history was lasted for 335 years between:
Who Built the great Wall of China?
Which action movie star died in a road accident in 2015?
The war of Anglo-Zanzibar of 1896 lasted for:
Who was known as the goddess of beauty, according to Greek myths?
Movie star who was known as the voice of Iron Giant was:
Who kept a bear as a pet in his dorm room?
Which one of the following animal is called ship of desert.
The scientist attacked by pack of rabbits was:
Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as:

Page 1 out of 1

history trivia questions

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General Three Stage Science Quiz and Science Trivia

Take an interesting challenge of general science quiz to test your knowledge, your science trivia will be tested. so lets try these interesting questions and learn what you don’t know about science and take this quiz as a part of enjoyment and learn more about general science and trivia by knowing what you don’t know.

Important Note About This Science Quiz / Science Trivia

All the Science questions/science quiz contain 3 stages: i.e. Basic Stage, Moderate Stage and Expert Stage on three different pages respectively.

Just solve all the science quiz and give answer to these science trivia questions first and at the end click submit to check the result of this science quiz.

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Note: You can skip any question by leaving it unmarked and at the end of the quiz you will be able to see the correct answers and your scores. 

Basic Level

The Scientist who discovered DNA was:
Who discovered the gravity?
Do mice live for up to 10 years?
The Gas that can make people laugh is
How much time does the sunlight takes to travel from sun to earth?
In earth atmosphere what is the most common gas?
Product of the objects mass "m" and velocity "v" is called ?
Which planet has the closest size to earth?

Page 1 out of 3

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