30 Scotland Facts That Will Lift Your Kilt!

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  • The world’s first color photograph was taken of a Tartan Ribbon in Scotland.
  • The United Kingdom’s most remote bar is The Old Forge Pub in Scotland. To get there, you can either take a 7-mile ferry, or hike 1 miles over rough terrain.
  • In Gaelic, Scotland is called “Alba.”
  • The 17th deepest lake in the world is Loch Morar in Scotland, which reaches a depth of 1,077 feet.
  • The land area of Scotland is about the same as the Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, and Panama.
  • Scotland had cave dwellers until 1915 when it was outlawed.
  • 432 people own half of the land in Scotland, however there outdoor access laws that allow privately owned land to be freely walked on and used as long as you leave no trace behind.
  • Scotland wanted to build a replica of the Parthenon, bigger and cheaper to be their National Monument. Construction started in 1826, but due to the lack of funds, was left unfinished in 1829. It has been nicknamed “Scotland’s Disgrace.”
  • Bagpipes were invented in Ancient Egypt, and was brought to Scotland by the Roman invaders.
  • Scotland only has 6 officially recognized cities – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, and Stirling.
  • The oldest known tree in Europe is the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, Scotland. It is between 2,000 and 3,000 years old.
  • The most famous Scottish dish is haggis. Haggis is typically made with the heart, liver, and lungs of sheep, and boiled with seasoning in the animal’s stomach.
  • Scottish people are more likely to have blue eyes than anyone else in the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • The coastline of Mainland Scotland is 6,160 miles long, which is 3 times longer than England’s.
  • Scotland has its own version of Stonehenge – the Callanish Stones. They were built around 3,000 B.C. on the Isle of Lewis, and no one knows why the stones were erected.

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    10 Facts About Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

    • Top 10 Facts About Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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  • The Sunshine Coast was originally named Near North Coast. For eight long years people petitioned to have the name changed, and they succeeded in 1966.
  • The Coast has the largest number of organic, meditation and yoga stores, as well as juice-cleansing bars when compared to other regions in the entire country. This fact has never been officially confirmed, however, most local tend to agree with it.
  • The world’s second largest rock is called Mount Coolum and is found in the Sunshine Coast. The largest rock is called Uluru or Ayers Rock and lies in the southern part of the Northern Territory. The Aborigines have an old legend which states that all couples who climb Mount Coolum together will end up breaking up as a result of an ancient curse.
  • Queensland is home to one the oldest know dinosaur footprints in the entire world. They are located in Winton, an outback town located 110 miles (177 km) northwest of Longreach.
  • The Sunshine Coast is also home to the most photographed pub in the whole of Australia. The pub is called Ettamogah Pub, which means “place of good drinking” in native Aboriginal. The G1 Property Mooloolaba experts recommend you visit it along with the Mooloolaba beach and enjoy a day relaxing in the sun.
  • We hope these facts are more than enough to convince you to come and visit the Sunshine Coast and enjoy some of the numerous wonders it has to offer.

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    50 Interesting Facts About India

    • 50 Interesting Facts About India

    • India Facts - Indian Flag

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  • In August 1947 India gained its independence from the British after a long and grueling fight.
  • In 1950 Rabindranath Tagore’s composition The Jana Gana Mana was recognized in India as the national anthem.
  • The word ‘shampoo’ is actually Indian. It derives from the word ‘Champu’, a Sanskrit word for ‘massage’.
  • There are 844 dialects in India of the total 17 major languages spoken.
  • India is 1.27 million sq. miles which makes it the 7th largest country in the entire world, but still 3 times smaller than the U.S.
  • The Lotus Temple in Delhi has 27 enormous petals covered in marble.
  • In complete opposition to other women in India, Widows would wear white instead of colorful fabrics.
  • About 70% of the world’s animal spices come from India.
  • India is the only country who has never attacked any country in its history.
  • A Bichiya is a wedding ring unlike the rest of the worlds; the jewelry is worn on the toe.
  • India has the lowest divorce rate even with arranged marriages still being the most common type of marriage.
  • The Victoria Cross was granted to 38 Indians after WWII.
  • A blocked toilet was the cause of a Jesus statue’s dripping base in India that many would drink due to the belief it was spiritual.
  • A world record was set in 2016 for planting almost 50 million trees in 24 hours in India.
  • A meteor struck an Indian bus driver and killing him in 2016.
  • A Mumbai thief was forced to consume 48 bananas by police after he was caught and swallowed a stolen chain.
  • The word ‘candy’ comes from the Indian word for crystallized sugar; Khanda.
  • The worlds most recognized Indian dish; the Tikka Masala, is actually a British invention deriving from Scotland.
  • In India, the moustache is classed as a respected symbol of authority with certain positions, with policemen even receiving more pay just simply for having a moustache.
  • Every cow must have a Photo ID in West Bengal due to issues with smuggling the species.
  • Since 2004, a polling station is erected in a forest for one voter, a temple priest, to cast his vote.
  • Over 23,000 people speak a language called ‘anal’ or Namfu in India and Burma.
  • One Indian airline only hires female hostesses to save on fuel due to their lesser weight.
  • Over 100,000 people get fed at a temple in India simply for turning up. There is no requirement but the meals are always vegetarian.
  • In 2017, Odisha reached a staggering 114 °F (45.5 °C); one resident was seen cooking an egg in an oiled frying pan directly on the street without any fire or heat source other than the temperature outdoors.
  • A melting pot of religions, languages and cultures engulf the cities of India and a tourist this is a sight to behold. The country’s development can literally be seen as you travel from place to place, going higher and higher as others have so little.

    Wherever you go in India you’re bound to find something to amaze you, whether good or bad, and that’s the charm of one of the most populous countries across the world the simplicity and complexity.

    Remember to watch your actions though and keep in line with even the strangest of laws or you’ll potentially face some unusual punishments.

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