Rainbow Facts for Kids: Mystery of Seven Colors

Here is a collection of most interesting rainbow facts for kids showing, how does a rainbow is formed and why does we see seven colors of the rainbow?

How Rainbow Is Formed?

rainbow facts

We can’t see rainbow every day, you only see it when it rains, why is that and how rainbow is formed?

Let me tell you rainbow is formed by the ordinary white light, like sunlight is made up of many different colors, but we can’t see all the different colors as sunlight appear colorless but if we pass the white light through a prism or a piece of glass, the white light splits into band of colors and this band of colors is called a spectrum and it contains all the colors of rainbow.

When it rains, the rain drops act like prisms of glass and when sunlight passes through the raindrops, it breaks up into spectrum and we see all the seven different colors of the rainbow.

Seven Different Colors of the Rainbow

The colors of the rainbow are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet

Interesting Rainbow Facts

  • Do you know that when Rainbow is formed it’s circular but you can’t see complete circle while you are on the ground, but you can see a full circle Rainbow from the airplane.
  • To create a rainbow, light should be spotted on the drops of water at exactly 42 degrees, that is the reason you cannot see rainbow at noon.
  • Isaac Newton was the first person to describe the formation of rainbow.

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Do Rainbow Ends Have Treasures?

Rainbow facts

According to the old Europe mythology, A place known Silesia it was said that, There is a huge valuable treasure at the both ends of the rainbow, but this treasure can be only seen by a nude man. Eastern Europe said that this treasure was placed at the rainbow ends by angels.

According to science it seems impossible because you can never find the end of rainbow, as you move toward it, it will move away from you.

  • Rainbows cannot be touched by human hands.
  • According to the old mythology it was said that you must not point toward a rainbow, because Rainbow is known as the symbol of Bad Luck by some cultures, so they believe that “ It can bring bad luck”.
  • The most weird rainbow facts Many old cultures believe that this beautiful arc of light brings trouble and it is associated with devils and demons, they say that rainbow can change the gender of a person.
  • But on the other hand there are few good myths about rainbow, actually its Western Culture, which respects the beauty of rainbow, they consider rainbow as a symbol of love and good luck, they do believe that rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Siberian tribes consider the rainbows as the voice of Sun.
  • You can see a double rainbow in the sky too; this kind of rainbow is only formed when sunlight reflects twice inside the water drops.
  • Earth is the only planet is this Solar System where the possibility of forming rainbow is 100%. Other than earth the probability of forming rainbow on any other planet is 1%.
  • One of the amazing scientific rainbow facts you probably aren’t aware of is that, Rainbow can be formed on the moon of Planet Saturn. The name of this moon is Titan and this theory is considered almost true because the moist atmosphere of Saturn’s moon is ideal for the formation of rainbow, and it is also known that the dispersion of this moon is 40 to 49 degrees, which makes it more possible to form Rainbow on it.
  • Each and every rain drop can create a rainbow, but for the human eye it needs thousands of raindrops to combine their rainbows and create a big one for us to see it.

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How to Create a Rainbow at Home?

Some other Amazing rainbow facts for kids indicates that rainbows can be created at home when it is not raining, and guess what you can make the rainbow by yourself. Let me tell you the procedure:

Stand straight with your back to the SUN, and take a water hose or garden hose which is used to spray water, Use the water hose to spray in front of you without turning toward the sun, and within few minutes you will see that a small rainbow will be formed.

Remember that you must keep the sun behind your back.



Black Hole Facts and Complete Black Hole Theory

Black Hole Theory indicates that it can stop time and can break every physics law. There are many Black hole facts will let you question on every law of physics.

What is a Black Hole?

There are stars in the galaxy massive than sun, may be more than 20 million time massive than sun, and when these stars are dying, or you can say that when their life ends they create a black hole.

A Black hole is a region in space where matters infinitely condense, it’s a singularity in space time.

How Big Are Black Holes?

As mentioned earlier black holes can be 20 to 30 billion times more massive than Sun, recent studies and researches indicates that 30,000 light years away there is a supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way Galaxy.

                       Black Hole Theory                          Interesting Black Hole Facts

Most people believe the first person to develop the idea of black hole was Albert Einstein, well it’s true that Einstein revived the theory in 1916 but it was actually John Mitchell who first came up with the concept of black holes in 1783. He wondered that how the movement of light particles is impacted by the gravitational pull of the star when they are escaping, and what would happen to these particles if the gravitational pull was so strong that Light couldn’t escape.

Nothing Can Escape Its Pull

With anything even light passes through close to a black hole would be pulled in by a very strong gravity. If anything else acting on the object is stronger than the black holes gravity then it can escape the pull which is known to be impossible.

  • They only way to escape from this point is for an object to travel faster than the speed of light which is simple impossible.

What Happens in a Black Hole?

black hole facts

You probably should be thinking about one of the most interesting black hole facts, “What Happens if you fall in a Black Hole?” Let me tell you that black hole is simply not a very beautiful place; it’s something that can completely vanish you to nowhere.

Let me tell you that when you experience a black hole, it turns out to be horrible, horrible, awesome and horrible stuff!! Yeah something like that will happen to you when you fall into a black hole.

Let’s assume that you have jumped into the black hole and you have gone beyond the Event Horizon, The force of gravity will be massively stronger than that of earth, at first you wouldn’t notice anything, but when you get closer to the center, your head gets squished and your whole body gets stretched, in short I should say that you will become something like “spaghetti”. Eventually you are just a stream of atoms on your way to joining the singularity.

Black Hole Facts: Black Holes Can Slow Down Time

There are many interesting black hole facts, but the coolest black hole fact is that “it can slow down time”.

If we somehow can watch a clock getting sucked into a black hole, its hands would appear to slow down as it approach the horizon and eventually would seem to freeze altogether. The freeze in time is due to gravitational time dilation which is explained by Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

The gravity of a black hole is so strong that it can slow down time; anyone watched the Interstellar would get the idea of time slowing down. Interstellar is a Hollywood movie that explains a lot about Black hole theory, I suggest you to watch that movie if you are interesting in watching these black hole facts practically.

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The Laws of Physics Break Down At the Core of Black Holes

black hole facts

The singularity at the center of black hole may eventually become an infinitely small point in space, containing the infinite mass. Here the gravitational force is so strong that the space time surrounding the singularity is back to an infinite curvature.

It’s hard to conceive of something that has no size yet infinite density and at this stage all the laws of physics that cover the universe completely break down.

  • One of the most incredible black hole facts you probably don’t know is that Black holes are about 30 Million times more massive than that of our SUN.
  • Black Holes are very noisy; they can produce large gurgling sounds. This sound is the energy of motion being converted into sound waves.
  • 1600 light years away, there is a nearest black hole to earth.
  • Event Horizon is the border of black hole after which you can never return.
  • Dangerous black hole facts warn that, not only they can suck up everything that gets near them, they also eject matter. When all the vacuumed up mass gets crushed together so hard that the space between the individual components of the atoms compressed, it is broken down into subatomic particles that can stream away. These particles are released in jets which repel out of the black hole due to intense magnetic field lights.
  • According to some scientists it’s theorized that the number of stars in the universe is limited by Back Holes or we can say that stars are limited by black holes.
  • Theoretically, it’s not just stars that can become black holes, according to the principle of “Schwarzschild radius”:

If you collapse the entire mass of the object into a single point, the density would be so great, that not even light could escape, thus creating a black hole.

Of course!! There’s is no known way yet proved to compress anything to such a finite point.

  • Scientists put a black hole theory that only radiations can escape the black hole, because black holes emit electromagnetic radiations thus can vaporize.

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Similarity with Worm Hole

A Worm Hole also known as Einstein Rosen Bridge is a theoretical opening in Space time enabling a shortcut from one part in a universe to another. From the outside Worm Holes and black holes look similar and it seems very difficult to distinguish between both.


German Shepherd Facts: A One Man Dog

German Shepherds are extremely loyal to one man only and there are many amazing German Shepherd facts that will prove this dog to be the most loyal and best of all the other breeds.

With handsome noble good looks, the German Shepherd was the original K9 movie star, but from the silver screen to the silver stars German Shepherds leads the way as police dogs, Experts estimates that the breed counts over 8000 deputy dogs.

German Shepherds are just fearless; they would be the first dog to take a bullet for you.

About German Shepherds

german shepherd factsGerman army captain Max Von Stephanitz first registered a German shepherd in Germany in 1899. The dog was a result of careful breeding to develop an ideal service dog; the Captains motto was utility and intelligence.

The German shepherd was almost immediately put to wide use; they were also one of Hitler dogs serving the German Army in World War 1 and WW2. Americans were very impressed by the bravery of the dog and brought many of them home but Hollywood loved the handsome breed and the German shepherds pawed their way on the Silver Screen.

  • They are very athletic, extremely intelligent and you can train them to do almost anything.

Double Coat

The German shepherd is bred with a double layered coat, which makes them very good all weather type of dog, color verities includes the standard black and tan, all black and in recent years even in white.

  • This breed also has pointed alert years, and as puppy their years are usually floppy, which is very close to
  • They have a very impressive and wolf type long Muzzle, with the capability to exert up to 238 pounds of pressure, the German shepherd has a bite that is second only to the Rottweiller in power.

They Shed A Lot

Another one of the important German shepherd facts you should know if you are willing to own a GSD, that they Shed a lot, and it is said that if you brush them after every 15 minutes, they will shed each time.

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Amazing German Shepherd Facts

German shepherds are extremely beautiful, easily trainable and highly protective dogs; there are many amazing German shepherd facts that can prove that they are the best dog breed ever.

  • The real name of German Shepherds is Deutsche Schaferhund, which is a German name.
  • This breed has become the second most popular breed in the USA.
  • They need lots of mental and physical exercise, experts says they need more mental exercise than a human child.
  • In 1922 RIN TIN TIN first popularized the breed in U.S.
  • German shepherd is the only dog that has been starring in 27 Hollywood Films.

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One Man Dog

cute german shepherd facts

One of the most amazing German shepherd facts is that they are known to be the one man breed because they are extremely loyal to one person, and if want to own a GSD you should own it to his last breath because once he has accepted you as his owner, no matter how long it takes, the German shepherd will always love that one man.

  • A German shepherd named Captain in Argentina has stood guard at his owner’s grave for the past 7 years creating an extraordinary example of Loyalty and Love.

It is also said that:

People who hate dogs are strictly not to be trusted.

  • A GSD named “BUDDY” was the first guide dog.
  • They live up to 12 years, or we can say that they live 74-80 Dog Years.




Planet Jupiter Facts: The Largest Planet In Solar System

Jupiter which is also known as the largest planet in Solar System has many mysterious and suspicious Jupiter facts that will be the answer to the question “Are we alone in the universe?”

  • Planet Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and is quiet known to be the largest planet in solar system, yet it is the biggest of all.
  • Jupiter comes up with a Radius of: 69,911 Km
  • It is the first planet formed in a solar system.

Vacuum Cleaner of The Galaxy

One of the most interesting Jupiter facts shows that, in the galaxy Planet Jupiter works as a Vacuum Clear, and scientists say that without this planet we would never exist because it has a very strong gravitational field that sucks all the asteroids and commits that could destroy the whole Solar System, including earth., which might would become the most painful science fact.

  • It is verified that Planet Jupiter has 67 moons

Ganymede: The Largest Moon

Planet Jupiter FactsGanymede is the largest moon of Jupiter and is the 6th largest moon in the solar system, it is the only moon in the solar system to have its own magnetic field, its size is also admirable because it’s even bigger than mercury, scientists has found out that this moon has the ability to have life on it, it is hypothesize that huge water ocean lies beneath its surface that might has produced life.

  • Jupiter has more than 400 active volcano’s on it, ready to blast each and every second, which is one of the most interesting facts about Jupiter.
  • It would take 1300 Earths to fill up the volume of Jupiter.

            Interesting Jupiter Facts              (Possibility of Life on Jupiter)

The weirdest fact about Jupiter is that it is a planet made of Gas. The clouds on this planet are 50 km thick, which is quiet, known to be a thin layer of clouds, below the clouds there exists 81% of Hydrogen and 17% of Helium. Although which means the probability of water on Jupiter is only 1%, which clearly means that without oxygen and water the possibility of life on Jupiter is very low.

The Great Red Spot

jupiter facts : Largest planet in solar system

You may have seenThe Great Red Spotin almost every sketch or picture of Jupiter, this red spot is actually a great cyclone storm, which looks pretty small but its size is bigger than Earth, this Red spot was discovered almost 400 years ago and it shows no signs of vanishing in future.



  • It takes 12 Earth Years for Jupiter to complete its one revolution around the Sun.
  • The interior of Jupiter is made of metal, rock and hydrogen compound.
  • The speed of rotation of this largest planet in solar system is faster than any other planet.
  • Jupiter is the planet of darkness, on Jupiter its mostly night and a day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Jupiter has 4 thin rings but we can’t see them due to their thickness.
  • The weight of Jupiter is 318 times Earth.
  • Jupiter is way bigger than all the asteroids, planets, moons and commits combined according to NASA.
  • The Magnetic field on Jupiter is very massive; if you land on that planet you would weight 3 times more.

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A Failed Star

Due to its composition and size it is believed that Jupiter is a Failed Star in our solar system, its composition is totally similar to the Stars. Scientists say that if this planet could have been 80 times much bigger than its actual size, it would definitely have become a Star.



Mars Facts And Complete Information about Mars

Latest scientific discoveries, information about mars and all the Mars facts tells us that there can be life on Planet Mars, but we can only decide whether there can be life on Mars or not, after knowing all the information about mars discoveries in space along with some interesting mars facts.

Complete Information About Mars

Planet mars is also known as Red Planet, it is the closest planet to earth in both size and shape, and is the 4th closest planet to the sun.

Here is complete information about Mars from A to Z.

Planet Mars Stats

Distance From Sun:

The distance of mars from the Sun is 227,936640 kilometers which is equal to 141,633,260 miles.

Distance From Earth:

The distance from mars to earth or earth to mars is 56 million kilometer.

Length of Year:

The length of one year on this planet is equal to 687 days.

Length of Day:

The exact length of one day is 37 minutes more than earth, means this planet has one day with a length of 24 hours, 37 minutes.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range on Mars from minimum to the maximum is -87°C to -5°C.

Size of The Red Planet

This planet has a diameter of 6,795 kilometers which is equal to 4,222 miles; it also has a radius of 3,390 kilometer which is almost half of the earth’s size.

Gravity on Mars

The gravity on this planet is 38 % of earth.

Atmospheric Pressure:

The atmospheric pressure of Mars is 1% of Earth’s sea level.

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Interesting Mars Facts

information about mars facts

Below are many interesting and unbelievable Mars facts everyone wants to learn, if you already know Mars facts then i must recommend you to read: Atomic Bomb Facts

  • Mars is very much dusty and rusty rocky, so it is also known as red planet.
  • At its north and south side, it has many ice caps, which means that there could be maximum chance of having water.
  • The Dust storms in the Mars are the largest storms in the Universe, yet they travels throughout whole mars and doesn’t end for months.
  • Mars is named after the Roman God of War.
  • The atmosphere of mars of is very thick enough to trap the heat that is why it is very cold.
  • During winter season on mars even 30% of the air freezes.
  • The gravity on mars is very weak, so you can jump up to 7 feet.
  • Mars is the only planet with the highest probability of life.
  • Almost every scientist thinks that there is water on the mars.
  • Mars has the largest Volcano called “Olympus Mons” in our Solar System.
  • One of the interesting mars facts you probably aren’t aware of is that your weight would weigh 62 pounds less on Planet Mars.
  • The actual date when Mars was discovered is unknown, Legends says that the discovery of Mars dates with the era of ancient Egypt. It is said that in the 2nd Millennium BCE ancient astronomers discovered the Planet Mars.
  • Planet mars is known to be currently uninhabitable.
  • It took about 8 months to reach mars from earth.
  • The core of planet Mars is made of Sulfur and Iron.
  • Mars have the oxygen, but it has very low density.
  • This planet has 2 moons, known as Phobos and Deimos.
  • Mars is the 2nd smallest planet after Pluto in the solar system.
  • The Mars mission of India is cheaper than Hollywood movie named “Gravity”.

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Taj Mahal Facts and History: Iconic Symbol of Love

The world most iconic symbol of love is known as Taj Mahal, there are many interesting Taj Mahal facts behind Taj Mahal history, Taj Mahal which is also known as Mumtaz Mahal is located in Agra INDIA.

Shah Jahan was a 17th century emperor and the Nobel ruler of the Hindustan, who basically ordered the construction of this awesome structure after the death of His wife Arjumand Bano Begum.


Long ago in a land called Hindustan, Land that was the dynasty of kings as cultured as they were courageous, it isn’t they were without fault, they were man of exceptionally good visions and blessed with the most extraordinary ways to build their empire. Now there was one among called the King of the world who built a Monument for the sack of Love that would capture the imagination of the world.

It’s the Taj Mahal History that adds a soul to its magnificence; a soul that is filled with love, loss, remorse, and love again.

Architecture of a Love Story

taj mahal history

At the age of 15 year the prince who would be the King of the world met a young girl in a Bazaar (market) within the walls of royal palace in Agra, Poets described the girl as an extraordinary beauty, For both the young boy and young girl it was a Love at first sight. 5 years would pass before the suspicious day chosen for their wedding, and from that moment they became inseparable companions.

To honor the prince for many victories in his military campaigns Jahangir grants him the title Shah Jahan, “KING OF THE WORLD”, a tribute never before paid to an uncrown Prince but when Jahangir health fails, his sons rivals for successions. Ultimately Shahjahan was victorious and in 1628 he ascends the throne and besides him stands his queen.

After many years with happiness till 1631 his wife died after giving birth to his 14th child. When Mumtaz Mahal was on the Deathbed, she made two requests to the Emperor:

You should not marry any other women after my death and You have to built a tomb in my memory so that my name should be remembered forever.

King has decided to build the most extraordinary monument for the sack of love and in the memory his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

With the help of 20,000 workers in 1648 the world’s most beautiful iconic symbol of love was been completed on the banks of river “Yamuna”.

Tag Mahal Location: In northern India in the city of Agra that is famous for two things The Agra Fort and The Taj Mahal.

Interesting Taj Mahal Facts

There are many interesting myths and facts about Taj mahal, but here are some of the most unbelievable taj mahal facts that will delight you for sure.

  • The construction of the taj mahal started in 1632 and it took over 21 years to complete.
  • The master architecture of Taj Mahal was Ustad Isa, who was a well known Mughal architecture of his time.
  • Taj is known as the most romantic structure on this planet.
  • Obviously this beautiful famous structure has been described by many poets and writers throughout the centuries but the most famous and accurate saying about Taj mahal is:

It is a Poem in a Stone.

  • Taj Mahal is supposed to be the unbelievably beautiful; it has white marbles, amazing ornamentation, beautiful architecture and calligraphy. And is the one of the best example of the Mughal architecture in the world, every single element in the massive complex was built to achieve perfect symmetry.
  • The Shah Jahan tomb is the only thing that breaks the symmetry of this beautiful symbol of love.
  • Its beauty increases at dawn while sun sets, most people say, at the dawn it is the place for the Angels on earth.
  • One of the most interesting Taj Mahal facts you probably aren’t aware of is that it’s not made of Solid marble; it’s a plain red brick structure.
  • The materials for the taj mahal were transported from all over India and Central Asia by over 1000 elephants.
  • Taj Mahal costs 32 million rupees in that time, if someone could try to build that type of structure in 21st century; it would cost over 20000000 million dollars.
  • Shahab-udin was the real name of Shahjahan.
  • It is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Taj Mahal Facts

  • According to Indian legend, Shah Jahan also tried to build a similar structure like Taj Mahal with black marbles on the opposite side of Taj Mahal.
  • The plan of building the Black Taj was interrupted by Shahjahan sons.
  • After the death of Mumtaz Mahal, Shah Jahan’s beard and hairs grown white within very few months.
  • Throughout the structure passages of QURAN have been used as decorative element.
  • Mumtaz was the 3rd wife of Shah Jahan.
  • Outside the walls of Taj Mahal, there are few small tombs of Shah Jahan’s other wives.
  • After the construction of Mahal, Shah Jahan was house arrested by His son.
  • Taj Mahal was built completely using geometric constructions, even the drains of this monuments are hexagonal.
  • Scaffolding has been used during modern wars to hide this monument, which is really one of the amazing Taj Mahal facts.
  • During colonization, one of the British governors unsuccessfully tried to sell Taj Mahal.
  • The reflecting stone also changes color depending on time of the day.
  • During British Indian rebellion many precious stones were stolen.
  • Its architecture and landscape give grandeur and attracts tourists from all over the world to visit India.
  • Its beauty becomes more fascinating and attractive in the full moon light.

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Some Painful Facts

After learning all the Taj Mahal facts, it is justified that it is a Symbol of Love but if you think a bit on it, then you may understand that there’s something very painful about this monument. We all know that Mumtaz was very precious to Shah Jahan, but did you know? He killed her husband to acquire her and his love was very cruel in the beginning. Let me tell you another very painful fact about this love story, that Shah Jahan didn’t kept his promise to never marry any other girl after the death of Mumtaz, after her death Shah Jahan married Mumtaz’s Sister.

Actual Beauty of the Taj Mahal

taj mahal factsTaj Mahal is not just a tomb it’s an example of how deeply a man loved his wife, that even after she remained but a memory, he made sure that this memory would never fade away. It is not the white marble or architecture that attracts the world, it’s the purity of Love and heart that make us all remember Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.

It is the Love that built the Taj, it was something beyond architecture, within every wall of Taj there includes the most precious feelings and a strong bond of relation that makes the Taj Mahal the most iconic symbol of love.

Atomic Bomb Facts: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Today

Atomic Bomb which is also known by Hiroshima and Nagasaki today is the symbol of terror and fear; there are many amazing Atomic Bomb facts that are very informative to learn.

During World War 2 on august 6, 1945 world’s first atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima, which killed more than 80,000 people and wiped out almost 90% of Hiroshima from the map.

3 days later another Atomic bomb was dropped over the city of Nagasaki killing more than 35000 people, and caused the country to surrender in World War 2.

Effects Of Atomic Bomb

After the detonation of Atomic Bomb the buildings, the trees, the peoples and the upper level of earth itself is vaporized, the Blast also generates wind at the rate of 600 miles per hour and at the pressure of 28 pounds per inch.

It is a very painful atomic bomb fact that the survivor of atomic bomb can never heal completely throughout his life. People effected by the radiations of Blast will always have the major genetic default causing abnormal birth throughout their whole generation.

Atomic Bomb Facts

Below are some interesting Atomic Bomb facts:

  • The fission of atomic nuclei it comes destructive atomic bomb, there are many Atomic bomb facts. Hiroshima and Nagasaki today are the greatest witness of the destruction of the Atomic bomb.
  • Atomic bomb was exploded in the air before hitting the land of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which makes them very less radioactive and some scientists says that the lands of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are no more radioactive.

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  • Atomic bomb can produce temperature of 1000 degree centigrade after the blast.
  • A person name “Tsutomu Yamaguchi” was that lucky, that he survived the atomic bombings of both Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War 2.
  • The atomic bomb that was blasted in Nagasaki had a very interesting code-name “FAT MAN”.
  • Nine nations have the Atomic bomb power including;

Atomic Bomb FactsUSA, Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea, UK, China, France and Russia.

  • From the dismantled Atomic Bombs 10% of the electricity is used in the United States.
  • One of the most unbelievable atomic bomb facts tells us that Hydrogen bomb is 100 times more powerful than the atomic bomb.
  • In Las Vegas during 1950s, the major attraction of tourists was Atomic Bomb tests.
  • In 1961, The US accidentally blew a bomb that has 200 times more power than the Bomb dropped on Hiroshima, which has caused the destruction of everything in 13.7 KM radius.
  • After the explosive, the temperature of SUN falls by up to 22 degree centigrade’s causing huge loss of life.
  • Due to many Nuclear Bomb tests, there are places 10 times more radioactive than Nagasaki or Hiroshima.
  • US and Russia together owns 90% of the world’s total 17 thousand nuclear weapons.
  • 200,000 people were killed by Atomic Bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The USSR exploded the largest NUKE ever in 1961, which is also known as the TSAR BOMBA, this detonation was 1500 times more powerful than the bomb landed on Nagasaki, it has the capability to demolish everything in 100 KM radius.
  • The US were seriously thinking of dropping an Atomic Bomb on the Moon during the COLD WAR, just to prove that they own the superiority.
  • The matter that generated the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima had the weight equal to small paper clip.
  • Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world.
  • Some Researchers say that there is a Atomic Bomb lost somewhere near Georgia.

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Atomic Bomb Dome Let Us Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki Today

Hiroshima and Nagasaki today : Atomic Bomb FactsAtomic bomb dome was once known as the monument of peace and prosperity but Atomic bomb changed it in to the symbol of terror. The only reason to save atomic bomb dome is that the world should always remember the terror and fear of atomic bomb. Due to this dome we know Hiroshima and Nagasaki today.

Hiroko was a young legend who worked for the preservation of Atomic Bomb dome, many people wanted this dome to be demolished but Hiroko wanted the world to see this Dome and let it be the symbol of Atomic bomb terrors and fears.

Hiroko always said:

Atomic Bomb dome is a Physical monument that exposed to Atomic bomb and it will die earning, This Physical monument will remind the world about the destruction and fear caused by Atomic bomb and as long it stands people will never forget it, because it will again become the monument of PEACE.

Thousands of tourists visit to see Atomic bomb dome each day and Hiroko is reminded each and every day by this dome, if there were no Hiroko then no one would remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki today.

US Map Quiz: Test How Much You Know United States Map

Learn how much you know about US map by solving this interesting US map quiz. This quiz is all about US map and is to test your knowledge about United states.

Instructions to the US Map Quiz

In the following United States Map Quiz you will face two different levels, In Level one you will be asked about some place and you have to guess the correct location in given US map below each question.

In Level two you have to guess the name of location provided in the US Map. I hope you will enjoy this quiz, and you may also like Interesting Quiz about History and Science. For finding correct answers you must submit the quiz at the end of page 2, you can even left all the questions unmarked if you are only willing to know the answers, but if you are willing to test your knowledge then you should first answer all questions and then submit your US Map quiz by clicking on “submit” at the end of page 2.

Level 1

Which one of the following place is Ohio?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is New Mexico?

US map quiz

The name of place marked green in the following map is Nevada?

US map

The name of place marked green in the following map is New Jersey?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is Louisiana?

US map quiz

Which one of the following side of US map is Canada?

US map quiz

Which one of the following place is California?

US map quiz

Which of the following place is Montana?

US map quiz

Page 1 out of 2

Note that you will be considered pass in this quiz only if you achieve minimum of 50% score.

For arguments and explanation about US Map Quiz you are free to use comment section below.


History Trivia Questions: The Forgotten Stories

History is the only witness for the legendary events of legends, these historical facts and history trivia questions witness the most extraordinary events happened in the past.

Test your knowledge about history by answering some of these interesting history trivia questions and learn something new and interesting about history and historical events.

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Test Your History Knowledge

Movie star who was known as the voice of Iron Giant was:
The first President to live in White House was:
Who kept a bear as a pet in his dorm room?
The longest war in the history was lasted for 335 years between:
The war of Anglo-Zanzibar of 1896 lasted for:
The scientist attacked by pack of rabbits was:
The first world cup for football was conducted in which country?
Which one of the following animal is called ship of desert.
Who Built the great Wall of China?
Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as:
In 1929 the soft drink 7-Up was invented by:
Which action movie star died in a road accident in 2015?
The teddy bear was named after:
Who was known as the goddess of beauty, according to Greek myths?

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Adolf Hitler facts: Legend with Dark Secrets

Adolf Hitler was a famous German politician, leader of Nazi Party and unforgettable Legend, There are many Adolf Hitler facts that you probably didn’t heard.

The most important of all the Adolf Hitler facts is that he is the man with dual personalities, he was legend for some and cruel devil for others, these Adolf Hitler facts will lead you to produce your own thoughts about Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Biography

By occupation Hitler was a very famous dictator of Germany, born on April 20, 1889 and died as a leader of Germany on April 30, 1945, he ruled Germany for 12 years.

Hitler is remembered and very best known not because of his personality or achievements, He is remembered in the history just because of 2 things:

He always wanted to exterminate the Jewish in Holocaust. He started World War 2, which is the second thing for the World to keep Hitler alive in the history.

Interesting and Odd Adolf Hitler Facts

  • Do you know that Hitler’s lifelong dream was to become an artist? But he was rejected twice from the art school.
  • Adolf Hitler was announced as the Man of the year in 1938.
  • The bed time for him was around 4 or 5 in the morning.
  • Hitler loved to be kicked; He had videotapes of the torture of Jewish people for his own home-viewing pleasure.
  • He was afraid of blades; shaving was the exhibition of Hitler’s weakness.
  • Hitler was a vegetarian, and he also saw the future of Germany as vegetarian.
  • Hitler ate 2 pounds of chocolate each day, he also tried to kill Churchill by Chocolate Bomb.
  • Ernst Hanfstaengl told Hitler to get rid of his moustaches but he replied:

adolf Hitler Facts and bioIf it’s not the fashion now, it will be because I wear it.

Fun Facts
  • Hitler first fall in love with a Jewish girl, but due to lack of confidence he never spoke to her. Some facts justifies that he tried to commit a suicide for the sack of Love.
  • In the Modern History, Hitler was the first person who led first public anti-smoking campaign.
  • The life of Hitler was spared by a British soldier during World War 1. It is said that the soldier had a clear aim but he decided to spare Adolf Hitler.
  • Another funny fact about Hitler tells you that He only had one Testicle, reported he was injured in a battle.
  • Henry Ford was the greatest inspiration for Hitler.
  • In his childhood he wanted to become a Priest, because when he was 4 years old, he was saved by a priest from drowning.
  • He had terrible fear of cats.
  • Osama Bin Laden and Hitler were declared dead on 1st may.

Museum of Extinct Race

Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jews artifacts to build a Museum of Extinct Race after the war, He ordered the collection of 200,000 items which were photographed and cataloged and the collection was meant to serve as a trophy case.

Concentration Camp

One of the most interesting Adolf Hitler facts you probably aren’t aware of is, He never visited a concentration camp, in fact he was very careful about keeping a safe distance from all the dirty work.

He never wrote any orders about the killings ever existed. He gave the most sensitive orders exclusively and verbally.

The Most Weird Fact About Hitler

adolf hitler facts

There may be many weird facts about Adolf Hitler, but the most astonishing and  mind blowing facts about Hitler is that, He invented the Blow up Sex Dolls. German troops were getting more engaged with the French prostitutes, so to contract this, Hitler had a plan to introduce the type of dolls that could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.

This act of Hitler was declared rubbish by the world, but German soldiers really loved the idea.

Good Things That Hitler Did

He Alone, Who Owns The Youth, Gains The Future

  • Hitler demolished the unemployment from Germany, almost 6 million people were employed by Hitler.
  • Adolf Hitler factsIn 1940 annual cigarette consumption per person in Germany was 749, while Americans smoked over 30000 per person.
  • He wanted to gift all the Germans a car, so he invented a people’s car known as Volkswagen.He Alone, Who Owns The Youth, Gains The Future
  • He invented the Highway system we see today.
  • Hitler saved Million of animals from hunted by humans.
  • Adolf Hitler was also one of the nominees for the Noble Prize in Peace in 1939.