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During the 1990s, contact juggling continued to receive widespread attention, and many people began to hone the act and start performing it themselves. This led to debates and controversy over whether the intellect copyright of Michael Moschen was being stolen by certain individuals and groups. Books were published teaching people how to contact juggle, and DVDs and magazine began to be circulated, leading to further discussion about whether or not the publishers and promoters were stealing intellectual property.

Contact Juggling – Where is it now?

Even if you’ve never heard the phrase, you’ll have seen contact juggling at some point. Contact jugglers have taken part on popular TV shows, such as America’s Got Talent, while famous international companies such as Cirque du Soleil have employed them in the past to include in their world-famous circus shows.

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Twenty-Four Facts About The Number 24

  • Twenty-Four Facts About the Number 24

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  • There are 24 elements that make up the human body; there are also 24 coasts in the human thoracic cage.
  • In terms of wedding anniversaries, the 24th is actually earthenware i.e. clay pots or glazed pottery.
  • In the Christian Bible, the number 24 is used a total of 20 times, and funnily enough the number 600 is used 24 times.
  • There is a total of 204 episodes in the Keifer Sutherland U.S. series 24.
  • The coveted 24 hour Le Mans Race runs for, as the name suggests, 24 hours. A continuous endurance race started in 1923 and has risen to one of the top races in the world.
  • A person who stays up for 24 hours straight enters a state of almost being drunk, after staying awake for an entire day you’re reaction levels are as if your blood alcohol is 0.1% which is above the drink drive limit.
  • Ralph Lauren was in the army until he was 24 years old and left to join legendary clothing brand Brooks Brothers.
  • A 24 sided polygon is quite the sight to see but what do we call it? A 24-sided shape is actually called an icosikaitera.
  • Nicopolis was founded in 24BC by Caesar Augustus; the previously Egyptian city now resides in Greece and lasted for over 7 centuries.
  • 24 is a common number in records, it’s the age of the oldest cat, the most steins carried by a German barmaid and the time limit for over 1,000 world records.
  • What do the Avocado, Rice and Grasshopper have in common? They all have 24 pairs of chromosomes.
  • Portugal is the 24th best country in the entire world according to a global poll, with Switzerland topping the list.
  • So there we have it, you once thought of the 24 as a humble number, wedged between a plethora of others but now you know the symbolism and respect this number deserves.

    From the Bible to the basketball field, the astronomic to the astrologic, this figure is one of the most important numbers in the world and wherever you look it seems to creep up and surprise you. Try it, keep your eye out and see how many times you see this 2 digit wonder.

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