The A-Z of Global Halloween Traditions

H is for Hong Kong – Using their famous destinations such as Disneyland, Hong Kong likes to put on a big show for its residents and visitors by decorating large shopping centers and points of interest with Halloween-themed décor.

I is for Iceland – Children in this Scandinavian country are seen dressing up as witches, wizards, vampires, ghosts and many other spooky costumes in the lead-up to Halloween. The popular American Bar in Reykjavik hosts an annual American-themed party, alongside many other bars and clubs in the capital.

J is for Japan – The people of Japan like to do things slightly different when it comes to a lot of things, and they are opposed to following the traditional celebrations of Halloween, such as trick-or-treating. As would be expected, however, cosplay is a big feature in Japan when October rolls around, and there are street festivals and parties to celebrate.

K is for Kenya – Less so in the suburbs, but in the large cities such as Nairobi, Kenyan people love a good Halloween party. The restaurants and large shopping malls put on large Halloween displays, while cinemas offer free showings of spooky movies.

L is for Lithuania – In Lithuania, the citizens believe the year is divided into two halves – the light half and the dark half. The date where these two halves meet is 31st October. Children play fight pretending one person is the light half and the other is the dark.

M is for the Maldives – If you visit Malta during Halloween season, you’ll find restaurants decorated with cobwebs and public festivals where you can participate in spooky games such as apple bobbing.

N is for the Netherlands – There’s something for everyone in the Netherlands on Halloween. Whether you want to take part in the scary Zombiewalk in Rotterdam or the Halloween Festival in Amsterdam, you’ll find celebrations up and down the country, including at the famous Keukenhof Castle.

O is for Oman – In this country, it’s easy to find a Halloween party, usually including live music, fun party games, decorations and spooky-themed food!

P is for Puerto Rico – Locals of San Juan look forward to the Yellow Halloween event, which takes place every year on October 31st. International artists came from all over the world, and the concert is sold out days in advance.

Q is for Quebec – This Canadian province certainly knows how to celebrate Halloween. It’s traditional to say ‘La charité s’il-vous-plaît’, which is Canadian French for ‘Happy Halloween’!

R is for Romania – The Romanian region of Transylvania is buzzing with Halloween parties and events during October. While other parts of the country don’t celebrate it as much, adults get involved in the parties and people of all ages enjoy street festivals.

S is for Spain – Spanish people enjoy eating chestnuts during the Halloween period, and making their own spooky food called Huesos de santo – Spanish for ‘saint bones’.

T is for Thailand – Halloween is only celebrated in the larger cities of Thailand, such as Bangkok, where the locals often throw parties and dress up as spooky characters. However, it’s difficult to find pumpkins and people in the villages avoid too much celebration for fear of angering the spirits.

U is for Uganda – The West has had a big influence on the countries of Africa over the years, so if you visit cities such as Kampala during October, you’ll see young children showing off their face painting skills and pumpkins galore for carving and decorating.

V is for Vietnam – During recent years, Vietnam has become a popular tourist attraction as well as a great host of Halloween celebrations. Parties take place all across the cities, and a popular feature is the presence of pop-up face painters, who are ready to help you get dressed up last minute!

W is for Wales – Seen to be the first day of winter, Nos Galan Gaeaf is more than just a day for Halloween celebrations – it’s the last day of autumn and the birth of the colder season. Paying homage to the famous Welsh dragon, the people of Wales love to carve pumpkins in the shape of dragons.

X is for Xalapa – …in Mexico! As we all know, the Mexicans love dressing up and they love their street festivals even more. You’ll be able to buy candles, jack-o-lanterns and many more Halloween supplies as you walk the streets and take part in the superb celebrations.

Y is for Yemen – The people of Yemen don’t pay much attention to the traditional date of Halloween on October 31st, but during Ramadan, the children in the large Muslim community of this country participate in trick-or-treating!

Z is for Zimbabwe – Children don’t go trick-or-treating here since there is plenty of unsafe wildlife out at night time, but that doesn’t stop them taking part in Halloween celebrations. It’s common to see people of all ages come together to throw a party and play games.

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30 Interesting Facts About King Henry VIII

  • 30 Facts About King Henry the Eighth

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  • Henry wrote a number of songs, with his most well-known song being “Pastime With Good Company”. He also wrote “En vray amoure” and “Helas Madam”.
  • Henry VIII made boiling a legal form of capital punishment.
  • He improved the navy, partly by investing in large cannon to replace smaller serpentines in warships. He was also responsible for creating a permanent navy.
  • Henry had a collection of weapons, which included 6,500 handguns. He also slept with a gigantic axe beside him.
  • Anne Boleyn, his second wife, is rumored to have had an extra finger on her right hand. This may be a misconception for a few reasons however, for example when Boleyn’s burial site was exhumed none of the several bodies that were examined were found to have an extra finger.
  • Between 1536 and 1541, Henry VIII disbanded monasteries and other Catholic religious houses and appropriated their income. The monks who surrendered were rewarded, while those few who resisted were executed.
  • Henry’s last words were allegedly “Monks! Monks! Monks!” This seems pretty strange at face value, but makes more sense when you consider the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
  • A common misconception about Henry is that he wrote the song Greensleeves, when in reality this is unlikely.
  • Henry VIII founded the Anglican Church by breaking away from the Catholic Church mainly because the Pope refused to grant Henry an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.
  • King Henry VIII gambled and played dice.
  • Henry was gifted a bear by the King of Norway, described a ‘white bear’. It was probably a polar bear, and was allowed to swim and hunt fish in the Thames on a long leash.
  • Late in Henry’s life, he became obese as a result of not being able to exercise as much because of a bad jousting accident, which reopened and worsened a previous injury he had incurred earlier in his life.
  • Henry’s courtiers wore heavily padded clothing to emulate Henry in the later stage of his life when he put on weight.
  • Henry’s waist size was 54 inches in the obese stage of his life.
  • In August 1527, John Rut – an English mariner – sent the first known letter overseas from Newfoundland to King Henry VIII.
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    Twenty-Four Facts About The Number 24

    • Twenty-Four Facts About the Number 24

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  • There are 24 elements that make up the human body; there are also 24 coasts in the human thoracic cage.
  • In terms of wedding anniversaries, the 24th is actually earthenware i.e. clay pots or glazed pottery.
  • In the Christian Bible, the number 24 is used a total of 20 times, and funnily enough the number 600 is used 24 times.
  • There is a total of 204 episodes in the Keifer Sutherland U.S. series 24.
  • The coveted 24 hour Le Mans Race runs for, as the name suggests, 24 hours. A continuous endurance race started in 1923 and has risen to one of the top races in the world.
  • A person who stays up for 24 hours straight enters a state of almost being drunk, after staying awake for an entire day you’re reaction levels are as if your blood alcohol is 0.1% which is above the drink drive limit.
  • Ralph Lauren was in the army until he was 24 years old and left to join legendary clothing brand Brooks Brothers.
  • A 24 sided polygon is quite the sight to see but what do we call it? A 24-sided shape is actually called an icosikaitera.
  • Nicopolis was founded in 24BC by Caesar Augustus; the previously Egyptian city now resides in Greece and lasted for over 7 centuries.
  • 24 is a common number in records, it’s the age of the oldest cat, the most steins carried by a German barmaid and the time limit for over 1,000 world records.
  • What do the Avocado, Rice and Grasshopper have in common? They all have 24 pairs of chromosomes.
  • Portugal is the 24th best country in the entire world according to a global poll, with Switzerland topping the list.
  • So there we have it, you once thought of the 24 as a humble number, wedged between a plethora of others but now you know the symbolism and respect this number deserves.

    From the Bible to the basketball field, the astronomic to the astrologic, this figure is one of the most important numbers in the world and wherever you look it seems to creep up and surprise you. Try it, keep your eye out and see how many times you see this 2 digit wonder.

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    5 Fascinating Facts About Saturn’s Rings

    The rings of our favorite gas giant are actually named in alphabetical order based on the time they were discovered, to date the rings have only reached G but working from the planet out, the letters go D, C, B, A, F, G, E with the D ring being a very faint ring and the E ring capable of fitting almost 2 billion Mars’. Most of these are very close together, this is with one exception, B and A, these rings are 2,920 miles (4,700 km) apart and is down to a phenomenon known as the Cassini Division.

    For such enormous rings they’re relatively small, as mentioned before the largest ring span 200 times that of the diameter of Saturn but the average ring is only around 100 yards thick. This ultra-thin nature is caused by the particles striking together and dropping down as those particles at the top tend to have a lot more energy than those closer to the ring’s center. As these particles crash the energy is lost and they drop lower into the ring giving it a thinner range.

    When Saturn’s rings were first discovered in 1610 by every astronomer’s old friend Galileo, he thought they looked more like ears or handles than rings. It took almost 50 years for the real discovery of Saturn to become apparent when in 1656 Christiaan Huygens discovered the ears weren’t in fact arm-like but circled the planet in a thin ring. As the years went on, we learned more and more about our gaseous friend, including the fact that the ‘thin ring’ mentioned was actually a range of rings.

    Saturn’s rings were obviously not enough of a scientific mystery for the powers that be, because they decided to create a phenomenon known as “Spokes”. These Spokes are strange markings that appear across the rings in minutes and last a few hours at most before disappearing. They were first recognized by the Voyager Spacecraft and again in 1981 by Voyager 2. The markings themselves are stopped from forming if sunlight hits the rings, a feature that baffled the Cassini craft in 2004 as they were photographing the rings when they were in the sun.

    So there we have it, from spokes to spacing, there really is a plethora of interesting facts about the wondrous rusty colored rings surrounding Saturn, and that’s just the information we know, I can guarantee in the next 50 years there will be plenty more facts and figures released to us mere public that’ll amuse and bemuse us further.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    21 Interesting Facts About Graffiti

    • Fun Facts About Graffiti

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  • While graffiti is mostly illegal wherever you go, there are about 1,650 legal graffiti walls around the world.
  • “Yarn Bombing” is technically a form of graffiti which originated in Texas. It consists of covering objects, structures, or trees with decorative knitted or crocheted material.
  • The first known example of “modern style” graffiti is found in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. The graffiti shows a handprint that somewhat resembles a heart, along with a footprint and a number. It is thought that this indicated that a brothel was nearby.
  • A “Heaven spot” is a piece of graffiti done in an area that’s hard to reach such as a rooftop or overpass. The name has a double meaning – one because it’s so high up that it’s towards the “heavens.” The other meaning refers to the fact that it is often a serious challenge in a dangerous location, and in case of an accident, the artist could die and “go to heaven.”
  • Graffiti writers have what’s called a “black book”, which is a sketch book where they draw and plan out prospective graffiti artwork. Writers use their black books to fine tune their style and retain any ideas they may have for potential future use as a graffiti piece.
  • Graffiti used to be a term used to refer to inscriptions and figure drawings found on the walls of ancient ruins, like Pompeii or the Roman Catacombs. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius preserved the graffiti in Pompeii.
  • The earliest forms of graffiti were found on ancient Roman architecture as images carved onto walls.
  • The first known graffiti artist was Mr. Darryl McCray, street named Cornbread. In the late 1960’s, he and a group of friends started tagging their nicknames on walls around Philadelphia, which instigated the modern graffiti movement.
  • Graffiti bombing is when a large graffiti piece is put up over a short period of time. Train bombing is one common form, where a group of writers will quickly cover a train in graffiti before the authorities arrive.
  • There is a difference between graffiti and street art. In graffiti, the writers are generally not interested in the public understanding their work, instead they use it to speak to other writers. Street art is used to engage everyone.
  • People who are new to graffiti are called toys. Those with more experience and respect among other writers are called kings or queens.
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    10 Facts About Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

    • Top 10 Facts About Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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  • The Sunshine Coast was originally named Near North Coast. For eight long years people petitioned to have the name changed, and they succeeded in 1966.
  • The Coast has the largest number of organic, meditation and yoga stores, as well as juice-cleansing bars when compared to other regions in the entire country. This fact has never been officially confirmed, however, most local tend to agree with it.
  • The world’s second largest rock is called Mount Coolum and is found in the Sunshine Coast. The largest rock is called Uluru or Ayers Rock and lies in the southern part of the Northern Territory. The Aborigines have an old legend which states that all couples who climb Mount Coolum together will end up breaking up as a result of an ancient curse.
  • Queensland is home to one the oldest know dinosaur footprints in the entire world. They are located in Winton, an outback town located 110 miles (177 km) northwest of Longreach.
  • The Sunshine Coast is also home to the most photographed pub in the whole of Australia. The pub is called Ettamogah Pub, which means “place of good drinking” in native Aboriginal. The G1 Property Mooloolaba experts recommend you visit it along with the Mooloolaba beach and enjoy a day relaxing in the sun.
  • We hope these facts are more than enough to convince you to come and visit the Sunshine Coast and enjoy some of the numerous wonders it has to offer.

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    26 Spicy Facts About Cinnamon

    • 26 Spicy Facts About Cinnamon

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  • The biggest cinnamon bun ever was a whopping 118.8kg (almost 19 stone) and was created in Washington, US on the 10th February 2006.
  • Cinnamon is supposedly helpful in the fight against degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s as it activates protective proteins that help stop mutation and damage to cells.
  • A year’s supply of cinnamon was actually burned at the funeral of Roman Emperor Nero’s wife after he killed her as a way of showing his remorse.
  • Ceylon produces that much cinnamon that in the 17th Century the Portuguese and the Dutch started a war over the island.
  • Cinnamons flavor strength actually comes from the chemicals cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic aldehyde.
  • An oil extracted from cinnamon, eugenol, has been used as a local anesthetic and antiseptic by dentists.
  • Spanish researchers have managed to develop a paper that keeps bread fresher for longer, possibly even up to 10 days, with cinnamon oil.
  • Use of cinnamon sticks can actually lead to mouth ulcers and gum swelling, which makes me question its antiseptic properties for dentists.
  • Cinnamon contains 100 times more TE or Trolox equivalents than Apples; this is the measurement of Oxygen radical absorbance.
  • October 4th is actually the National Cinnamon Roll day in Sweden.
  • Coli 0157 is an awful bacterium that can actually be defeated almost 100% by cinnamon. An American study found 99.5% of the bug was killed when added to a teaspoon of cinnamon at room temperature in 3 days.
  • Pepsi-Fire is a new fireball-whiskey-like creation from the soft drink giant. The cinnamon flavored beverage is supposedly horrendous with some describing it as “unexpected and not in a good way”.
  • In 2017 a cat took the internet by storm when it was recorded attempting to steal a full sized cinnamon bun.
  • Whether you hate it or love it, cinnamon is a hard-hitting health ally fighting off everything from a common cold to brain degrading illnesses. The humble brown stick can it seems, flavor your porridge and cure you.

    As I said, I love cinnamon but even I think Pepsi-Fire sounds awful – no one wants to combine cinnamon with something completely absurd like soda or chewing gum for that matter. I’m sure in the future, further wonders will be revealed of this spice and I’m going to try using it more often if it packs this much of a punch.

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    25 Incredible Facts About Albert Einstein

    • 25 Incredible Facts About Albert Einstein

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  • A document focusing on the scientists association with pacifists and socialists was collated by the FBI in 1933; it stood a whopping 1,427 pages high.
  • Edgar Hoover tried to keep Einstein out of the country only to be overruled by the U.S. State Department.
  • As Einstein neared the end of his life in 1952, the scientist was actually given the opportunity to become president of Israel but being his usual pacifist self, he turned the job down.
  • Even though he will be remembered for his work with relativity, Einstein received his Nobel for his work with the Photoelectric effect.
  • In New York – buried away in a safe box – lies Einstein’s eyeballs after they were given to Henry Adams; the scientists eye doctor.
  • Einstein’s wrinkles and eyes appeared in Star Wars after the make-up supervisor responsible for Yoda based the features on the visionary.
  • Einstein loved to smoke; he smoked a pipe and claimed that it helps calm and focus a man.
  • Like The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, Albert Einstein refused to learn to drive.
  • Einstein started tutoring youngsters around the turn of the century as his financial situation became so poor.
  • For 20 years from 1913 to 1933, Einstein was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics.
  • Einstein Syndrome is the condition of delayed speech in those who are gifted. It was discovered by Dr. Thomas Sowell.
  • Albert had mastered calculus by the tender age of 15.
  • A man who worked on his ideas until the day he died, a man who focused every minute of his life to science and discovery. Even his greatest blunder turned out to be revolutionary.

    Whether you class the man as a crazy, deluded domestic abuser, or a scientific god among men responsible for almost every major breakthrough in the physics world, you have to respect the sheer intelligence and brilliance that was Albert Einstein.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    40 Fun Facts About Jack Gilinsky

    • Jack Gilinsky Facts

    • 40 Facts About Jack Gilinsky

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  • The Jack’s single, Doing It Right made it to number 7 on the US Hip Hop chart, putting them with the likes of DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino.
  • In June 2014, Jack graduated from Omaha Westside High School.
  • After the Magcon tour, the Jack’s went to Los Angeles to work on their headline tour, DigiTour Jack and Jack. 14 out of the 18 shows completely sold out.
  • In December 2014, following the duo’s headline tour, a full-length documentary movie of their tour was released online by DigiTour Media.
  • In 2015, Jack & Jack made their TV debut after appearing on ABC singing Tides on their popular show The View.
  • When asked which artist is his biggest inspiration on Ask FM he chose Picasso.
  • Jack is a big NSync fan, after given the choice of NSync or Backstreet Boys, his answer was “NSync forever, no competition”.
  • Over 75% of the music Jack has released has appeared on an array of Billboard Charts.
  • In March 2015 Jack and his co-star sang on one of the biggest stages in the UK; Wembley Arena, in London.
  • The Instagram account @thelifeofcub was made for Jack’s Pomeranian-Maltese-husky Libby, Jack captioned one photo “Finally got this little guy an account of his own”.
  • On 24th July 2015, Jack & Jack’s first EP, Calibraska hit number 1 on the iTunes charts within hours of its release.
  • In September 2016, Jack Gilinsky was arrested for “accidentally” walking out an airport store with a sweatshirt without paying for it. After the manager refused to let Jack pay for the items, the police was called. Jack’s other half (Jack Johnson) started the Twitter hashtag #freegilinsky, which was trending in the US. Gilinksky was released 4 hours later.
  • Jack & Jack released a very strange iPhone App called Let it Goat, a free platform game which seems to combine many of the favorite Appstore classics including Mario, Temple Run and numerous others.
  • Jack Gilinksy & Madison Beer have been dating since summer 2014. They announced their relationship to fans during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber in March 2015. Generally, they keep their relationship very private.
  • At DigiTour 2015 and CitiField, Jack & Jack took to the stage alongside other acts including Trevor Moran & Demi Lovato.
  • In September 2016, Jack & Jack met up with fans for the debut of their first book “You Don’t Know Jacks”. The book is an inside look at their lives, as told by the guys themselves.
  • Jack Gilinksy has abs. He often posts topless photos on his Instagram.
  • For 2016, Jack let his girlfriend Madison do his Halloween makeup.
  • Jack & Madison have a pet dog called Cub.
  • His Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram profile names is jackgilinsky.
  • Whatever your opinion of this musical YouTuber, you have to give the guy some respect, if not for his personality then solely for his musical ability and his entrepreneurial success.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.