Gold Facts: 50 Surprising Facts about Gold

Gold is valuable and there are many weird, cool, awesome, funny amazing and interesting Gold facts you probably aren’t aware of.

Gold was originated 200 million years after the formation of earth, and all of the gold on our planet came from the bombardment of Meteorites. This bombardment has filled the core of earth with plenty of gold. In fact there is enough gold in the core of this planet to coat its surface with a depth of 1.5 feet or more.
Gold and copper were the first metals discovered by human being. And it is observed that nearly half of all the gold ever mined in this world has come from South Africa.

Gold Is Edible

A very weird but true fact about gold indicates that Gold is suitable to eat and it can be eaten as a food. By considering this fact Dubai has launched a program in 2014 to pay children 2 grams of gold for every KG weight they loose. If you want to earn some gold, go to Dubai and consider loosing some can know about getintopc

Did You Know?

Gold can cure cancer. Sounds strange but some gold facts are verified by the researchers and their research shows that by injecting gold in ones body can cure the cancer quicker and completely.

Time has the ability to change a very useless coal into valuable gold.

Interesting Gold Facts Ever

Here is a list of some weird but true gold facts you may not know.

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  • The Worlds largest GOLD BAR has a weight of 250 KG.
  • Gold is not very unique, that it has been found on every continent.
  • You have 0.2 Milligrams of gold in your body. The amount of gold is present in your blood cells.
  • A very strange fact shows that earthquakes can turn water into gold.
  • EUCALYPTUS trees are the only trees whose leaves contains small traces of Gold.
  • Olympic gold medal have only 1.34% of gold in it.
  • A research shows that the amount of gold ever mined can be fitted in 3 Olympic swimming pools.
  • By wearing a gold ring continuously over a year, you loose 6 milligrams of gold from it just by wearing it on your finger.
  • Oceans are the only place on earth with maximum amount of gold. Researchers have claimed that over 20 Million
  • Tons of gold is present in the oceans.
  • Melting temperature of 24K gold is recorded as 1063°C.
  • Most of the people in this world has fear of gold and this type of illness is known as Aurophobia.

A False Experiment

gold facts

Hennig Brand was a chemist who believed that urine can be converted into gold just by boiling it. And for that he requested many times for this experiment to occur. When he was permitted to do this experiment, he collected 1500 Gallons of Human Urine and boiled it. And let me tell you that he never found Gold by boiling it, the only thing he found was Phosphorous.

Gold as a Thread

Gold facts and studies shows that this is the only metal that is ductile and it can be stretched. It is observed that even one ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long. These type of threads (Gold Threads) are also used as embroidery thread.


Major Depression Facts: Unbelievable Facts about Depression

What is Depression, what is its cause and what are some unknown depression facts? I have decided to write all the answers about this major illness.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a common mental disorder characterized by “sadness, loss of interest in pleasure, feelings of guilt, disturbed sleep, feelings of tiredness and poor concentration“.

People who are more likely to suffer from depression are person 45 to 64 years of age, women, blacks, Hispanics, divorced people, the unemployed and people with less than a high school education. People with high rate of depression also has high rate of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is one of the major issue in the U.S. It has affected more than 40 million people in the U.S. It also costs the country about 45 billion dollars a year. The number of people diagnosed with depression are increasing with the rate of 20% each year.

Unbelievable Depression Facts

Here is a collection of unbelievable facts about depression you may not know.

  • More than 350 Million people of all ages in this world are suffering from depression.
  • Women are considered to suffer from depression approximately 2 times more than men.
  • Depression facts indicates that aging process in cells are more likely to increase when you are depressed. This causes your body to become older faster than normal.
  • depression factsEvery 8th person in the U.S is suffering from depression.
  • A very strange fact about depression shows that funny people and comedians are usually more depressed than others.
  • A research shows that people are suffering from depression 10 times more now than in 1945.
  • When you are depressed you dream 3 to 4 times more than normal.
  • States with higher rate of depression also have higher rates of obesity, stroke, heart disease, sleep disorders, lack of education and less access to medical insurance.
  • Studies and depression facts revealed a very strange myth that people who spent more of their time on laptops/internet/computer are more likely to be lonely, mentally unstable and depressed.
  • ICELAND is known as place of depression because it is the only place where the highest rate of antidepressant are used.
  • France is known as the most depressed country in the whole world. It is observed that 1 in every 5th person in France has suffered depression.
  • SIGMUND FREUD said cocaine is the only treatment for depression.
  • Moderate Exercise is the natural way to prevent this issue, it will make your mind stronger and relax.

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Disney Facts: 40 Fun Facts about Disney – Interesting Facts

Visit here for a collection of epic and interesting disney facts you never knew and your curiosity demands to learn more about Walt Disney.

Mickey Mouse Ears Never Rotate

Did you know? That no matter from what angle you look at Mickey Mouse. His ears will always appear round. Well how often how you have you seen mickeys ears changed in his side pose?

Disney FactsThis defines that when Mickey appears in 3D format, his ears doesn’t rotate with his head but simply stay in the same position facing the viewer.

Goofy Had a Human Wife

In most of the cartoons in early 50’s Goofy had a wife and a child. Whats interesting Disney facts is that the face of the goofy’s wife is never showed. As she appears to be human having five fingers instead of four as goofy and most of disney’s animals characters do.
In 1995 animated film “A Goofy Movie” it was shown that she died, which could explain her sudden disappearance in later cartoons.

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Interesting and Amazing Disney Facts

Here is a collection of interesting disney facts you never knew and you need to learn.

  • Walt Disney studio was first named as Disney brothers cartoon studio by Roy and Walt disney in 1923.
  • Mickey Mouse was first known as Mortimer Mouse. But Walt disney’s wife forced him to change the name of Mortimer mouse to Mickey Mouse.
  • The very first animated movie was the Mickey Mouse, launched in the Colony theater in 1928 in Newyork.
  • The first Disney Land ticket was sold in 1 dollar only in 1995.

Disney Facts

  • Walt Disney World Resort is bigger than Sanfrancisco.
  • In 1983, the first disney park outside of the United States was opened and was named as Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was a mind-blowing sound film and an interesting fact shows that Walt disney borrowed 1.5 Million US dollars to make this film.
  • There is a community in Disney Land known as Lost and Found and a very interesting fact about disney land shows that each year this community collects 6000 cell phones, more than 4000 cameras and 20000 hats.
  • ESPN is also the property of Disney.
  • Disney Land workers were not allowed to grow facial hairs until the year 2000.
  • Pluto was named after the 9th planet in the solar system.
  • Amazing Disney facts shows that film Tangled (Disney Production) was expensive than the hollywood movie Avatar.
  • After the release of the movie “Princess and the Frog”. more than 50 children were hospitalized by catching bacteria from kissing frogs.
  • Der Fuhrer’s Face was awarded as the first best animated short film in the same year it was released.

Happiest Place on Earth

Disney land facts shows that it is the land of happiness and joy. And it is the most happiest place on earth. If you have not seen Disneyland theme park yet and you think that its exactly the same thing you have seen in movies then you are wrong. Because Disneyland is the world most popular and beautiful place in the world, where you will never feel bored and no one has ever been sad in this beautiful place.

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Fun Facts About Walt Disney

  • In the very start disney land was designed as a structure including The Land of OZ, but later on architectures thought that was not a good idea, so they never constructed such designs.
  • Park employees are instructed to point with two fingers or either with whole hand. This is because some of the cultures see disrespect by pointing with one finger.
  • The skull located on the headboard in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean is known to be a real skull.
  • An artificial vanilla scent is sprayed in to the air  in the Disneyland, creating a very fresh environment.

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How Many Sides Does a Heptagon Have? – Heptagon Trivia

How many sides does a heptagon have? What is its area and what is the use of this shape in Maths? Check out this amazing list of Heptagon trivia.

What is Heptagon?

A Heptagon which is also known as Septagon is a type of Polygon having seven sides. Polygons are enclosed two-dimensional shapes with straight sides.

In general a lot of things are called shapes. We have circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and this could go on and on. But only certain shapes are Heptagons or we can say Polygons. Heptagons can take on various forms as long as they are enclosed in a loop.

Here is a list of trivia questions about heptagon, so you can learn more about this shape and can pass any simple quiz or test relating maths or heptagon.

How many sides does a Heptagon have?

How many sides does a heptagon have

  • A Heptagon is a 7 sided polygon.
How many Vertices and angles does a Heptagon have?
  • It also has seven vertices or corners where sides meet.
  • It has seven angles and the angles are always found at the vertices.
  • Every angle inside the heptagon is 57 degrees and the sum of all the angles give the equivalent interior angle of 900 degrees,
What is the Area of Heptagon?
  • If you multiply the length of any one side of heptagon with 3.63 then this will give you the area of a regular heptagon.

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How many Faces does a Heptagon have?
  • Heptagon has only one face.
What is Congruent Heptagon?
  • The regular heptagon is probably the most recognizable one. It’s called a regular heptagon because all side and angles are congruent (equal in size and shape).

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Cockroach Facts: Nature’s Perfect Creature

Here is a collection of creepy, weird, funny, unbelievable, interesting  and amazing cockroach facts that will blow your mind.

Cockroaches were born 300 million years ago, and they are the survivors of ice age, asteroids impacts and the giant volcanoes. A cockroach is a survivor which can go for hours without oxygen, 90 days without food and 40 days without water.

There are 428 species in Australia. The most is the German cockroach. In fact if one German female moves in to your home, you could have 100,000 more within a year.

Nature’s Perfect Creature

Cockroaches are cleaner than humans. They eat our rubbish and don’t typically carry diseases. In fact the pesticides we use to kill them can be much more of a threat to us than the roaches themselves. And they can actually be good for our health, having been used for treatments of indigestion, tetanus, boils, earache and impotence.

A 2010 Study found roach brains have powerful antibiotic properties killing 90% of resistant bacteria and E.coil.

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Cockroaches have a reaction time of 40 milliseconds and can travel up to 50 Body lengths per second. Human engineers are hard at work of looking secrets of their extraordinary mechanics. One scientific project hopes to use this knowledge to make cars that are impossible to crash.

Else way there is even been a suggestion that the roaches can be turned into human time capsules. Researchers have proposed that using their genetic code in humans can make humans live for millions of years.

They are Ancient than Dinosaurs

cockroach facts

You probably are thinking that Dinosaurs are the most ancient animals in the history of this world. But let me tell you that a cockroach will always protest against this thought because they are more ancient than dinosaurs.

Cockroach facts show that cockroaches are 120 Million years older than the Dinosaurs.

Unbelievable Cockroach Facts

Below is my favorite collection of weird and unbelievable cockroach facts to blow your mind.

  • A cockroach head can live without its body for 12 hours.
  • A cockroach without its head can live for up to 40 days. It is the starvation that kills it.
  • They have neighbors relations like humans.
  • Cockroaches are scared to live alone. They become sick if left alone for a while.
  • A new species of cockroach was found in the U.S. That has the capability to live in freezing cold.
  • The family of cockroaches is known as an Intrusion.
  • There is a trend of eating fried cockroaches in Thailand, China and some other countries.
  • Engineering students in china in 2015 worked on How to control cockroaches using an electronic device.
  • If a cockroach is raised in space, it will become much stronger, quicker and faster than all the cockroaches on earth.
  • They do shedding.
  • They can re-grow all of their 7 legs.
  • You should use CATNIP to repel cockroaches. It is the best natural repellent for cockroaches.
  • A Russian roach called “HOPE” was the first land animal to conceive and give birth in space.

They Can Run Faster than You

cockroach facts

There are many facts about cockroaches but let me tell you one of the most interesting cockroach facts that they can run on two legs like humans. Yeah that’s right, they can run faster than any insect living on earth, it is also said that they can achieve the speed of 5 feet per second while they are on two legs.

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Vampires Facts, Beliefs and Legends

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Do Vampires Exist? Vampire Facts, Beliefs and Legends

Are you curious to know, do vampires exist? This brief history of vampires, illustrating all the vampire facts and myths will tell you everything from a to z.

Vampire Facts and History

Vampires are nearly as old as humans, stories about them reverence appear in cultures, extending them far back as prehistoric times. But they were not called Vampires back then and most of them did not looked the way we imagine vampires today.

For example, The “LAMASHTU” was a creature with the head of a lion and the body of a donkey and the ancient geek “STRIGES” were simply described as Blood thirsty birds, others were even stranger. The Philippine “MANANANGGAL” had huge bat wings to fly and the Malaysian “PENANGGALAN” was a flying female head with a tail and they were known as extremely dangerous.

Although they all may look different but all of these beings have one common characteristic. They sustain themselves by consuming the life force of a living creature called BLOOD. This is what they looks like and how they were defined. Old other attributes changed with time.

 Do Vampires Exist? – Origin and Beliefs

Do vampires exist

Their modern ideal emerges in 18 century Eastern Europe. With dramatic increase of Vampire superstition, Stories of blood sucking terrible creatures become nightly bedside terror. The people of Rome and Ancient Greek provide the most common vampire that exists today.

In 18th Century Eastern Europe was pretty groomed place and with many deaths occurring from unknown diseases. Due to no results by medical side, people searched for supernatural causes and they found what looked like evidence in the Corpses of the victims. When the villagers dug up bodies to find the cause of mysterious deaths, they would often find the corpses very much alive. Longer hair and finger nails, heavy bellies and the blood at the corners of the mouths. Clearly these people were not really dead, and people start believing that they were vampires and they leave their graves to feed themselves by killing the livings

The terrified villagers would quickly gather to kill the undead, they marched toward the graves with knifes, swords and burning fire flames. They were ready to kill the vampires they know but the villagers found nothing.

As we all know by science that the actual normal symptoms of death can cause following things:

  • When a body decomposes, the skin dehydrates causing the hairs and the finger nails to extend.
  • Bacteria in the stomach create gases that filled belly which force out blood from the mouth of the blood.

Unfortunately this science was not yet known, so the villagers kept digging. In fact so many bodies were dug up that the emperor of Austria sent their physician around to disapprove the vampire stories. The emperor also established a law “prohibiting grave tempering”.

The Legend of Dracula is Not Real

There are thousands of myths and legends throughout history showing do vampires exist or not. It is really a difficult task to prove the existence of vampires but according to a legend known as Dracula we can conclude something about vampires.

Still even after the vampires died in Eastern Europe, the stories of legend survived in local superstition.

The gothic novel “Carmilla”, and most famously Bram Stoker’s “THE DRACULA”. Although Stoker incorporated historical material like Elizabeth’s “virgin blood baths” and brutal executions of Vald Dracula.  

There were some local myths that inspired the main elements of the story “The Transylvanian Setting” using garlic to defend oneself. While these attributes are certainly familiar to us. Elements he invented himself have also lasted over the years.

  • Fear of Cross of Jesus.
  • Weakness in Sunlight.
  • And that the vampires inability to see their reflection.

Stoker extended the myths of vampires.

As we saw a huge variety of creatures struck the night before Dracula and many more will continue to creep through our nightmares.

It is the Vampire Legend that keeps Vampires Live forever, they don’t exist in real world.

The Very First Vampire According to Greek Legend

According to a Legend, it is believed that the vampire was a human first, who later on changed into the Vampire. His name was “Ambrogio” who was born in Italy and was a great adventurous. He was cursed by the Sun God who cursed him to fear sunlight and made him Vampire.  

It is also said that the Moon Goddess also cursed him and gave him silver fear.

The only blessing that were given to him was of being Immortal. He was blessed with tremendous speed and strength. As from this story some believers answer yes to the question do vampires exist? 

Interesting Vampire Facts

Here are some interesting facts providing the answer to the question: Do vampire Exist?

  • In the past one of the legendary sea monsters named “Kraken” was proved as a fantasy by the scientists. But later on they found something that resembles to Kraken.
  • It is also said that the vampires have the ability to control any animal.
  • Vampires can easily turn into owls, bats and rats. Some other tales show that the vampires can be destroyed by the wooden stakes, garlic and holly water.
  • It is said that if you want to become a vampire, you must drink the blood of vampire to gain his strength.
  • It is also said that if you want to get rid of a Vampire, you must eat it.
  • According to some vampire facts it is said that in real life they do eat vegetables and fruit.

After reading all these interesting Vampire facts, let us know your thoughts about the vampires.



Google Facts: 60 Fun Facts about Google

Google is the world’s most visited website and there are some interesting, funny, weird, awesome. cool and amazing google facts.

Interesting Google Facts

  • 16 % of the searches that occur every day are the one that Google has never heard before.
  • Originally Google was known as Backrub.
  • Google is also intending to make a computer that can Program itself.
  • In 1999, Google was nearly going to meet new owners “Excite” in US$ 1 million.
  • 14 % of their employees haven’t seen the college, which makes GPA’s and test scores worthless for Google.
  • On 16th August 2013 the Global internet visitors dropped by 40% because at that time google was delayed for 5 minutes.
  • fun google factsThe death of their employees can also make their Spouse and children rich because their spouse and children will receive US$ 1000 and half of the employee’s pay per month for 19 years.
  • The first tweet of Google was in binary saying “I’M FEELING LUCKY”.
  • One of the best facts about Google shows that it wants to scan 129 Million Unique Books before 2030.
  • To create the street view of desert Google has hired a Camel.
  • It earns more than 20 billion US dollars a year.
  • Every minute more than 20 million searches are performed on this search engine.
  • Best developers of Firefox are now Google employees.
  • It is considered to be the best company to for.

 Youtube is Owned by Google

After 18 months of Youtube’s creation, the company purchased it for US$ 1.65 Billion and then Youtube become the 2nd largest search engine, bigger than Yahoo and Bing can get many ocean of games download

interesting google facts

Fun Facts about Google

  • The name of this company was first decided as “GOOGOL” but by accident founders named it Google.
  • On April 1st, 2007, an email was sent by the facility to its employees that “a python was seen in the building” and most of the people thought it was April Fools’ Day prank.
  • Google also comes up with a version to translate in “KLINGONS”.
  • Funny google facts indicates that the domain named is also the property of google itself.
  • Over 270 searches are dropped per second on Google.
The First Doodle
  • In 1998, the first Google Doodle was set by the founders and it links with Burning man Festival.
A Young Girl Once Requested to Google

A very little girl wrote a request to this company to give her father a leave on his birthday, and guess what the company replied to her in a very great way.

Google facts
Google Images has a Secret Game
  • Type “Atari Breakout” in google images and you will find an interesting game.
google facts
 “ASKEW” will tilt the Content
  • If you type “ASKEW” in the search engine, you will see that the content is actually slightly tilted.

askew in google

Gmail was considered as a Prank
  • Another most important google facts shows that Gmail was launched on 1st of April in 2004, most of the world thought it was a Prank performed on April Fools’ Day.

Cool Google Facts

  • Steve Jobs wanted the yellow zero removed from the logo, and any other color should be used instead of yellow.
  • A mistake of Google maps leads “NICARAGUA” to attack COSTA RICA.
  • Google Maps’ also gives an unbelievable 360 degree view of the Mount Everest base camps.
  • You can also see underwater views through GOOGLE MAPS’.
  • Google owns 466453 domains like gooogle,googel and gogle to cover mistypes.

An interesting fact shows that one gram of the humans DNA is able to store all the Facebook and google’s data.

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