What you need to know about the human body

1. You can see if there is something wrong in the body by just examining the tongue.
Thus, you need to care for your tongue since it is where your health problems are visible. The tongue serves as a holographic representation of the vital parts of our body and shows all the details in just distinctive coloration. You can expect the normal and healthy tongue to have a bright red color and thin white film surrounding it. When you noticed that the tongue changes color from the normal pale red to very pale, dark red, purple or blue it is a clear picture of pathological changes in the body. The body also shows information about its health by changing the shape of the tongue. Simply by examining the thin film around the tongue, you can already tell if the person is freezing or warm and if he or she is having a disease that lacks or is deficient of something.

2. Our fingernails can be as hard and durable as a bird’s beak.
Our nails are made out of the same substance as that of the bird’s beak. It is actually made out of protein called keratin that forms plates called rhamphotheca. Just like the bird’s beak, the edges are also sharp and commonly used to cut things. In the same manner, the growth of the nails is also the same with the growth rate of the bird beak.

3. Your big toes have two bones each while the rest have three
The bones that you have in your fingers and in your toes are called Phalanges. As previously stated, the big toes have two bones while the rest have three. The bones in the toes are actually arrange exactly. The size and height of all the other fingers are almost the same as compared to that of the big toes. For you to check on the number of bones your fingers have, you can just bend it. You will then know that the toes are different from the others. When it comes to your toes, you only have two bones as compared to the rest which is three.

4. The brain becomes hyper while you sleep
It is found out that the brain is active at night. Your sleeping time will be your brain’s overtime as it processes all data you have gathered in the day. We take a lot more brainpower when we sleep. The dreams as well as the nightmares that we have are actually created by the brain. The body’s neuronal system that is in charge of managing neurons is the one that handles the sleep and wake of the body. It stretches from the medulla, throughout the brainstem and hypothalamus and finally reaching up into the basal forebrain. This would then make the brain work while the body sleeps.

5. Your thigh bones are known to be stronger than concrete

The human bones are much stronger than any concrete. Of course, since the thighs have the biggest bones it should have the strongest as well as the biggest. The knees and the hip are connected by these bones. At the same time, it also supports the weight of the whole body.

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